Sixteen little misses become royalty in Fairview pageant

 Sixteen little misses become

royalty in Fairview pageant


By Lyle Fletcher

Staff writer

Mar. 20, 2018


FAIRVIEW—Of the 29 young girls who participated in Little Miss Fairview 2018, 16 were crowned as royalty in five age categories.

Little Miss Fairview royalty for ages 13-14 (L-R): 1st Attendant Taysha Olson, Queen Raycee Fuel and 2nd Attendant Emily Bills.

Girls ages of 4-14 competed in the pageant, which took place at the Peterson Dance Hall in Fairview on Saturday, March 10.

The competition included personal interview, casual wear and party dress, along with talent competition for girls 7-14 years old.

This year’s royalty for ages 4-6 are Queen Zana Lucas, daughter of Tad and Crystal Lucas; 1st Attendant Kali Madsen, daughter of Nick and Natalie Madsen; and 2nd attendant Penelope Cox, daughter of Kenny and Brook Cox.

For ages 7-8, the royalty are Queen Swazey Bills, daughter of Brady and Dustylynn Bills; 1st Attendant Kenlee Sorensen, daughter of Garrett and Shandi Sorensen; and 2nd Attendant Jacey Gleave, daughter of Lloyd and Katie Gleave.

Little Miss Fairview royalty for ages 11-12 (L-R): 2nd Attendants Alivia Madsen and Addie Clayton, Queen Brecklyn Thompson and 1st Attendant Kambrielle Grasteit.

For ages 9-10, the royalty are Queen Kaylee Curtis, daughter of Sam and Marcy Curtis; 1st Attendant Shae Rawlinson, daughter of Sean and Shaunna Rawlinson; and 2nd Attendant Ashlyn Williams, daughter of Keith and Heidi Williams.

For ages 11-12, the royalty are Queen Brecklyn Thompson, daughter of Shayne and Natalie Thompson; 1st Attendant Kambrielle Grasteit, daughter of Thor and Kristen Grasteit; and 2nd Attendants are Addie Clayton, daughter of Rich and Carol Clayton, and Alivia Madsen, daughter of Nick and Natalie Madsen.

Little Miss Fairview royalty for ages 9-10 (L-R): 1st Attendant Shae Rawlinson, Queen Kaylee Curtis and 2nd Attendant Ashlyn Williams.

For ages 13-14, this year’s royalty are Queen Raycee Fuel, daughter of Ben and Mandi Fuel and Mike and Melissa Hardy; 1st Attendant Taysha Olson, daughter of Matt and Emily Olson; and 2nd Attendant Emily Bills, daughter of Brady and Dustylynn Bills and Sherland and Ashley Talbot.

Other special awards given out that night were top interview to Shae Rawlinson, top talent to Swazey Bills and Miss Congeniality to Kenlee Sorensen.

The night was emceed by Luke Kelso of Mt. Pleasant and the current Miss Fairview Malia Ah Kuoi.

Little Miss Fairview royalty for ages 7-8 (L-R): 1st Attendant Kenlee Sorensen, Queen Swazey Bills, and 2nd Attendant Jacey Gleave.

A lot of time and effort goes into making such a pageant run. Marcy Curtis, pageant co-director, said, “I hope, if anything, each one of these girls grew stronger with the pageant. I hope that friendships were made to last a lifetime.”

Little Miss Fairview royalty for ages 4-6 (L-R): 2nd attendant Penelope Cox, Queen Zana Lucas and 1st Attendant Kali Madsen.

Marcy also said this pageant was started eight years ago to help build the self-confidence of girls in Fairview and to help encourage them to try out for Miss Fairview when they were of age.

The pageant committee said they have watched several girls go from barely daring to peek their heads through the curtains to being in royalties, on cheer teams and so much more.