Snow president urges students to ‘be vigilant’ in light of Florida violence

Snow President Carlston


Snow president urges students to

‘be vigilant’ in light of Florida violence


By Robert Stevens

Managing editor

Feb. 22, 2018


EPHRAIM—Gary L. Carlston, president of Snow College, recently wrote a letter on safety to students at the college.

On Thursday, Feb. 15, Carlston began his letter by saying: “Yesterday there was another senseless act of violence that happened at a high school in Florida. These horrific events happen all too often. We extend our thoughts and prayers to the first responders, community members and the school family in Parkland, Florida.”

Carlston encouraged each Snow College student to be vigilant, to take safety matters seriously and to become familiar with safety procedures.

He placed his comments under four headings: (1) See something – say something, meaning report what’s suspicious; (2) Train yourself, meaning especially watch the Run, Hide, Fight video; (3) Utilize available resources, including reporting suspicious behavior (nonemergency) to the CARE Team (www.snow.edu/care); and (4) Confirm your information in Snow College’s emergency alert system (www.snow.edu/alert).

All of the information concerning these public safety matters is available at the Snow College Public Safety’s website at http://www.snow.edu/safety. Review the links at the right of this webpage to access items of interest (for example, Run Hide Fight – Active Shooter Training Video; Active Shooter – Attacker Lockdown Procedure; and See Something – Say Something).

Important phone numbers for public safety at the college include:

911 for an immediate emergency

283-7170 for Snow College police officer Derek Walk

283-7172 for Snow College police officer Rick Rasmussen

835-2345 for Ephraim Police dispatch

Carlston closed his letter by thanking all involved in public safety and by inviting each Snow College student’s cooperation: “Please remember we all need to do our part to keep our world safe and be aware of our surroundings. Don’t be afraid to report suspicious activities or people.”