Snow release list of local students on Dean’s List

Snow release list of local

students on Dean’s List




EPHRAIM—More than 900 students were named to Snow College’s fall 2019 Dean’s List. To qualify for the prestigious honor, students must maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher and complete a minimum of 15 credit hours.

The following local students made the list:

Jentry Ison of Mt Pleasant, Cody Alder of Ephraim, Lexie Alder of Ephraim, Katelyn Allred of Ephraim, Kirsten Allred of Mt. Pleasant, Savannah Allred of Fountain Green, Aidan Anderson of Fairview, Elisabeth Anderson of Fountain Green, Anna Anderson of Spring City, Sarah Applegarth of Mt. Pleasant, Lee Michael Arce of Ephraim, Karli Arnoldsen of Ephraim, Audrey Baker of Moroni, Makayle Ballif of Ephraim, Emily Barker of Spring City, Eli Bartholomew of Spring City, Jamie Bawden of Sterling, Larissa Beck of Fountain Green, Halli Bennett of Spring City, Allison Bishop of Manti, Brenden Blackham of Mt. Pleasant, Marley Booher of Fairview, Naomi Boorman of Manti, Ethan Bowles of Mt. Pleasant, Brinley Bown of Gunnison, Tayler Brackett of Gunnison, Nathan Bradley of Manti, Kolton Brailsford of Manti, Ally Brotherson of Mt. Pleasant, Wyatt Brown of Manti, Kianna Brown of Ephraim, Braydon Burrell of Gunnison, Alyssa Burrell of Gunnison, Richard Call of Manti, Karson Carlisle of Manti, Jasmine Carter of Gunnison, Meg Childs of Centerfield, Kelton Christensen of Moroni, Malinda Christensen of Ephraim, Charlee Christensen of Fairview, Chance Christiansen of Ephraim, Colby Christiansen of Ephraim, Calvin Clark of Manti, Whitney Dyreng of Manti, Emily Hill of Moroni, Shayla Howe of Manti and Elizabeth Hughes of Ephraim.