Spencer Cox raises $250K for campaign, much of it online

Spencer Cox raises $250K for campaign, much of it online

By Robert Green

Staff Writer



In a grassroots effort to visit all of Utah’s 29 counties and 248 cities while campaigning for governor, Fairview’s own Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox is also collecting a bunch of campaign donations.

Campaign manager Austin Cox (no relation) reported Lt. Gov. Cox has raised more than $250,000 for his campaign since he announced his candidacy just one month ago. Many of those dollars have come from online donations.

Lt. Gov. Cox is tentatively scheduled to be campaigning in Sevier and Sanpete Counties on the weekend of Aug. 8-10. He will visit all the cities in Sanpete County, except Fairview, where he is planning a special event at a later date, his campaign manager said. In addition, Lt. Gov. Cox will also make an appearance at the Mt. Pleasant parade on July 24.

To date, the campaign has received a record 1,015 online donations at an average amount of $68. No candidate for Utah governor has ever received more than 1,000 donations during a single month. Further, since 2000 (as far back as physical records are available), no Republican candidate for governor has received more in-state donations during the course of a single year, his campaign manager said.

“Whether you donate $3 or $300, we value your contribution to our campaign,” Lt. Gov. Cox said. “While we are not independently wealthy and will continue to rely heavily on grassroots donations; no candidate will work harder to promote our shared values and earn the trust of Utahns. This is truly a grassroots campaign.”

The Lt. Governor and his wife, Abby, have committed to visiting all 248 incorporated cities and towns in Utah, also a first for a gubernatorial candidate. To date, they’ve visited 24 cities and towns and will continue traveling the state next week.