Spring City ‘financially healthy’

SPRING CITY—“Healthy,” “consistent” and “positive cash flow” were some of the words describing Spring City’s financial situation at a public budget hearing June 16.

Councilman Joe McGriff asked why the budget is holding up so well.

Mayor Cynthia DeGrey replied, “It’s very conservative spending.”

 “In general, no extravagant expenditures,” Councilman George Kenzy added.

The council then approved a revised budget for the current fiscal year, 2020-2021, reflecting changes that occurred over the course of the year. DeGrey noted that the city received $91,440 in revenue through the CARES Act and $94,726 in revenue for fighting wildland fires.

“We always budget conservatively, but we [certainly] did last year because we were in the middle of the pandemic,” DeGrey said.

Then the council approved the budget for 2021-22, which showed projected general fund revenue of $737,915. 

DeGrey noted that the budget included a $2-per-hour increase for each city employee, though the pay increase is not accounted for a single line in the budget.

“You will not find it in one spot, because it’s spread over everything,” DeGrey said.

DeGrey asked the councilmen to talk with the departments they oversee about the proposed budget, which she said would change throughout the year. “Maybe more revenues will come in than anticipated,” she said. 

“It’s a work in progress,” DeGrey said. “It changes all the time. It’s just a blueprint for what we would like to see.”

The council also approved a salary of $512 per month for its justice court judge.