Spring City fire department welcomes new members, even youth

Spring City fire department welcomes

new members, even youth


Apr. 26, 2018


SPRING CITY—Spring City’s fire department has been busy and still welcomes more volunteers—even youth.

In addition, the fire department will be holding another garage sale.

Clarke Christensen, chief of the fire department, said in the department’s press release: “I am happy to report that Spring City has a very professional and well-trained department of firemen and firewomen.”

Volunteers of the fire department have invested about 4,000 hours of training since July 1, 2017.

They have completed a course of training for certification as Firefighter I and II taught by the Utah Fire and Rescue Academy and Utah Valley University and have also completed certification training or recertification in wildland firefighting.

They will be completing instruction for hazmat awareness and operations in the near future. Training continues to be a high priority for the fire department. This fall, the department will support training that will add at least 10 new emergency medical technicians (EMTs). The department currently has five EMTs.

he department has about 18 new volunteers, including four female firefighters who participate in every aspect of firefighting.

In addition, Christensen Spring City fire department welcomes new members, even youth said, “We are also starting a Junior Firefighting program for youth in the Spring City Fire District for youth that are interested” in learning about firefighting and emergency medical services (EMS).

A garage sale will be held to obtain funding that is beyond the city’s ability to provide.

The garage sale will be on May 18 and May 19 in the old city hall in Spring City.

To make the garage sale a success, the fire department requests donated items for the sale.

Contact Don Chambers at 469-0884 for help getting your donation to the garage sale.

The garage sale will include a bake sale, and volunteer firefighters will be at the sale cooking hamburgers and hotdogs for purchase.

Christensen also expressed thanks to Friends of Spring City Fire.

He adds, “We are still looking for more fire volunteers, men and women.

“We will train you. It can be hard work. I can promise you it is very rewarding.

“If you are interested in a strong, functioning fire department with lots of training potential in fire, EMS and service projects, we encourage you to join us.”