Spring City residents learn science fits together perfectly at seminar

Dean W. Sessions, author of “Universal Model: A New Millennial Science,” is the founder of the Millennial Science Foundation. He introduced his Universal Model at the Spring City Community Center on Wednesday, Apr. 11.


Spring City residents learn science

fits together perfectly at seminar


By Emily Staley

Staff writer

Apr. 19, 2018


SPRING CITY—Residents in Spring City recently learned from an “omnologist” what science can offer when all the sciences are taken together.

In Spring City on Wednesday, Apr. 11, Dean W. Sessions introduced his Universal Model at the Spring City Community Center.

An “omnologist” is what Sessions calls himself—a scientist who studies all of the natural sciences together: “I want to know all about nature. I don’t want to only know about the stars and not the rocks or the rocks and not life. It’s all important.”

Sessions explained that to understand science, you have to know about all of them and how they work together.

This unified approach to nature harks back to the Middle Ages when universities were born with a universal outlook based on ancient authorities such as Aristotle.

Then a devout believer in God, Robert Grosseteste of England, had additional access to more ancient authorities (Greek and Arabic) than were previously available and began looking at nature for himself.

Grosseteste was still in the “universal” mindset—seeking to determine what is true and endeavoring to pull all of what is known into a grand interlocking whole (a “uni-verse,” meaning combined into one).

However, it was a reader of Grosseteste’s works, Roger Bacon, who separated scientific inquiry into its own realm of study and also apart from nature’s God.

Since then, science itself has become fragmented, leaving us essentially without a “universe” or a “universal” approach.

Sessions said he would be also skeptical and questioning things left and right “if I were sitting in your shoes and I heard someone tell me” this book’s purpose is to replace modern science.

His three-volume book called “Universal Model: A New Millennial Science” is nearing completion, and two volumes are now available.

He explained how he knows the omnology approach is true by asking, “So how do we know anything? We know things through our five physical senses. We smell, taste, hear, touch and see. But all your senses can be fooled. Even your sixth sense of logic can be fooled.”

His answer was the seventh sense of intuition. He claimed the way we know something is by feeling it.

Sessions explained that his book is for the reader to gain the “millennial” scientific knowledge and understand it.

“The how and when is wisdom,” Sessions said. “And that’s what the Universal Model gives you.”

The book is foundational with definitions of the words used in it. It is written to be understood by someone with only a high school education.

The Universal Model contains what Sessions calls “blue quotes” throughout—direct quotes from modern scientists that match up with the New Millennial Science.

“Nobody has ever taken all of this information from all of the scientists and put it together to be understood, except for in this book,” Sessions explained. He added that nature can only be understood by examining all of the sciences together.

“It’s been over 10 years since someone has asked me a general science question that I can’t point to the book and say, ‘Here’s where you can find the answer,’” Sessions said.

Sessions explains that modern science is like pieces of a puzzle that can’t fit together, while nature’s science or the New Millennial Science is a puzzle that fits perfectly together.

In his New Millennial Science, Sessions claims that the earth didn’t start from the big bang, but it all started with water.

He claims that “the continents are floating on water,” and the earth’s center is water like a geode, not molten rock.

Sessions explained that the Flood of Noah happened when a meteor passed by and disrupted the earth’s spin, thus making water come out of the center of the earth and flood the continents.

He explained that rocks and fossils were formed when they were covered in the 5-mile-deep Flood of Noah.

Sessions said bones and wood decay in the ground, but when pressurized with water, they were formed into rocks and preserved all at the same time during the Flood of Noah about 2345 BC.

His evidence is that he has been able to grow quartz with a system that creates the pressure that 5-mile-deep water would have.

Sessions said most of modern science, including evolution and the big bang, doesn’t make sense, but the New Millennial Science does.

He explained that the New Millennial Science is like math—two times three is always six: “We are using logic. It doesn’t matter what religion you are or what language you speak. That is the way true science is supposed to be.”

More about Sessions’ work is at https://universalmodel.com.