Students turn creativity loose

Students present their innovative ideas.


Students turn creativity loose

South Sanpete Innovation Week entries show creative solutions to problems

By Lauren Evans




EPHRAIM—South Sanpete School District students were challenged to put their creativity to the test in the district wide Innovation Week this February.

South Sanpete School District technology director Nadean M. Nielson and district innovative trainer Jodi Anderson teamed up to create the first annual Innovation Week. Monday, Feb 4 through Friday, Feb 8 students and teachers were challenged to identify a problem and pursue it creatively.

Though the Innovation week was technology based, the subject, medium and execution of the project were free range. Students were asked to simply think “outside the box” to encourage and explore the use of technology in everyday tasks. Younger groups of students in the South Sanpete Elementary schools completed projects in groups with direction from teachers.

Projects were displayed for parents and judges at the end of the week at the schools. The winners were then presented with cash prizes and certificates at the South Sanpete School District school board meeting on Tuesday, February 12.

From Ephraim Elementary, the winners in the K-2 category were Mrs. Parry’s first grade class for their Animal Rhymes. They were awarded an ice cream party and Mrs. Parry was awarded $100. Mrs. Nell’s class received an honorable mention and was awarded with an ice cream party for their Tangram Pictures project.

From the 3-5 category, Landon Boggess won with his “Make Your Own Compass” display. He was awarded $75 and his teacher Mr. Mabey was awarded $100. Honorable mention was awarded to Mrs. Christofferson’s class with an ice cream party for their building projects.

From Manti Elementary, K-2 winner was Valerie Long’s class for their inventions. They were awarded an ice cream party and Valerie was awarded $100.

New Manti City flag created by winners from Ephraim Middle School

Winners in the 3-5 class were Addison Howell and McKayla Lewis for their pyramids. They were awarded $75 to share and their teacher Mrs. Mecham was awarded $100. Tresa Hanks’ class earned an honorable mention and an ice cream party.

Gunnison Valley Elementary K-2 winner was Mrs. Nelson’s first grade class for their Weather Video. Mrs. Nelson was awarded $100 and the class will have an ice cream party. Mrs. Crane’s class earned an honorable mention and an ice cream party for their Geometric Shapes project.

The 3-5 winner was Cash Young for his earthquake movie trailer. Cash was awarded $75 and his teacher Mrs. Nelson was awarded $100. Lincoln Pratt and Mrs. Davis’ class were awarded honorable mentions.

Gunnison Valley Middle School students completed project individually with guidance from teachers. Nathan Willden was awarded $100 for his Abe Lincoln Still video and Ethan Peterson was awarded $50 from the district and $50 from the school for his Minecraft Lincoln Memorial. The sxith grade teachers were awarded $100 for being helpful faculty advocates.

Honorable mentions were awarded to Sarah Hill, Addilyn Anderson, JaKayla Hansen and Tyra Pierce for their baking video; Rilee Dyreng, Susie Moysh, Rylie Gregerson and Katie Henrie for their Eyes poster and poem; and Nathaniel Stewert, Rees Jensen and Carter facer for their Marble Run. Each group revcieved $75 to share provided by Principal Jeff Bartholomew.

Ephraim Middle School winner was Jacob Mitsvotai for his Solar Energy Essay. He was awarded $100 and teacher Steve Weller was awarded $100 as well.

Honorable mentions were awarded to Bo Stevens, Mateo Peterson and Zack Marsing for their original composition. They were awarded $50 to share by Principal Tim Miller. Tara Daniels’ geography classes were also awarded honorable mentions for creating flags for Manti, Ephraim and Sterling. The flags were also presented to each city council and chosen as official city flags. Each class was awarded an ice cream party.

Seth Parsons with his prize winning dresser.

Gunnison Valley High school winner was Seth Parsons for his Zelda Video game themed dresser. He was awarded $200 and teacher Richard Peterson was awarded $100.

Honorable mentions Austin Averett, Carson Peterson and Merrik Bjarnson were awarded $100 for their junk monkey (Averett/Peterson) and original composition (Bjarnson).

Manti High School winners were Adalee Olsen, Brynli Bodell, Shaylynn Noblett and Jordann Vaha. Olsen, Bodell and Noblett received $200 to share and Vaha received $200 for their painting bottles project.

Honorable mentions were awarded to Jonothan Henningson for his nuclear energy project, Jordan Durtshci, Kellynn Nielson, Russell Christianson and Keegan Mitchell for their board game, Aidan Larsen for his Suicide essay and Alex Butler for his skirt project. Each student or group received $100.

The first annual Innovation Week was successful in challenging students to learn outside of traditional education standards. South Sanpete School District hopes in the near future students will continue to grow their creative problem solving skills and apply them to daily life.