Two men die in glider crash above Ephraim

Two men die in glider crash above Ephraim

By James Tilson

Associate Editor



Two men were found deceased in a glider crash approximately 4 miles northeast of Ephraim by OHV riders on July 1.

EPHRAIM—Two men flying from Nephi to Richfield died in a crash northeast of Ephraim on July 1.

Sanpete County sheriff’s detective Derick Taysom identified the men as John Weber, 63, of Scottsdale, Ariz., and Thomas Bjork, 66, of Orangevale, Calif.

The glider was found by OHV riders in the mountains approximately 4 miles northeast of Ephraim. The riders called 911 and Sanpete County Sheriff, Sanpete County Search and Rescue and the Medical Examiner’s Office responded.

According to officials, Weber and Bjork were participating in a competition out of the Nephi Airport, which involved 65 flight teams. The glider left Nephi and crashed on the way to its destination near Richfield.

Upon arrival, the two men were confirmed deceased. Investigation of the scene revealed the glider had taken off from the Nephi airport, and was en route to an airport near Richfield. Investigators could not immediately determine the cause of the crash.