UDOT repaving begins Sept. 29 between Ftn. Green and Moroni, expect delays

UDOT repaving begins Sept. 29 between Ftn. Green and Moroni, expect delays


Matt Harris

Staff writer



FOUNTAIN GREEN—The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) began repaving the highway between Fountain Green and Moroni City today and the construction will continue through Saturday and repeat on a weekly basis until completed.

The project is part of a cooperative effort between UDOT, Moroni and Fountain Green to renovate the length of Highway SR-132 that stretches through and between both towns, and also included a number of other improvements.

Construction began on Jul. 18, and, although UDOT originally projected it be a 3-month project, their current competition schedule is now Nov. 1 of this year.

The area of construction goes from SR-132 mile marker 46.95 in Fountain Green to mile marker 56, just south of Moroni.

With the repaving phase that is beginning today, Kevin Kitchen, UDOT regional communications officer, says they expect to repeat the same schedule weekly (Thursday through Saturday) so they can try and finish things up before the cold weather moves in.

The travel lanes will be paved first, followed by any side streets and access lanes UDOT decides to repave.

When paving is taking place, only one lane will be open to traffic and motorists will be directed by flaggers or a pilot vehicle, says Kitchen.

After paving is completed, UDOT plans to restripe the same length of highway.

According to Kitchen, UDOT last worked this section of SR-132 back in 2010, applying a seal to the road.

The need for the work comes down to routine preservation, Kitchen says.

“Weather exposure and use eventually wear down all roads to the point of needing total reconstruction,” Kitchen said. “However, by routinely working on some of the surface layers and avoiding erosion, the sub-surface layers can last much longer and reduce the overall cost of the system over time.”

Along with roughly 9 miles of road to repave, since work began in July, UDOT reports that they have installed curbs and gutters and worked on driveway access in Fountain Green. They have also installed handicapped-accessible pedestrian ramps, in accordance with current standards set by the American Disabilities Association (ADA).

In addition to wheelchair accessibility, the street corners have also been upgraded to a textured surface to help signal the blind that they are standing at an intersection.

Kitchen advises that Sanpete residents access travelwise.utah.gov to be educated on how to aid in the project fulfilling its scheduled completion.

“Less traffic during construction typically is the single best way the public can aid schedule,” Kitchen says. “Obeying posted traffic regulations and following the directions of flaggers at the work zone is critical to safe and efficient construction.”

Members of the public are invited to contact the project team with any questions or concerns by calling the project hotline at (800) 653-4255 or emailing sr132@utah.gov.

Updated information regarding this and other UDOT construction projects is available

through the UDOT traffic website (udottraffic.utah.gov).