With success of temporary skating area, Ephraim considers permanent ice rink

With success of temporary skating area, Ephraim considers permanent ice rink

By James Tilson

Staff writer

Sept. 21, 2017


EPHRAIM — The Ephraim City Council discussed the possibility of constructing a permanent structure to support an ice rink in Pioneer Park during its regular council meeting last Wednesday.

City Manager Brant Hanson began by telling the council, “We need direction on where to go.”  He pointed out that the city had been using temporary structures to create an ice ring in previous seasons, and those structures were beginning to show wear and tear. The city staff had begun to look into what it would take to create a permanent ice ring.

The solution that Hanson proposed to the council was to build a concrete pad in Pioneer Park. (The temporary ice ring was in Canyon View Park in past seasons).

The pad would have a lip and markings so that in the summer the pad could be used as pickleball and volleyball courts, while in the winter it could be flooded and used as an ice rink.

Hanson said that he felt the “west side of town is being underserved” and he thought a permanent ice rink in Pioneer Park would encourage growth and beautification on that side of town.

Mayor Richard Squire noted that at this point, the city staff should probably start looking at options for pricing size and donations.

Hanson said the city staff had already started down that road and had received oral commitments from the owners of the Maverick store east of park to allow the use of their restrooms for ice rink users.

Councilwoman Marge Anderson cautioned that construction of a permanent structure in Pioneer Park might face some push-back from citizens worried that the park would lose it’s “pioneer” flavor.

Hanson said the city staff had thought about that aspect of the project, but he felt it would not be a big problem. However, he also said that he was open to suggestions for alternative locations.

In response to a question from Councilman Alma Lund, Hanson said there would be  “challenges” to construction of a rink in Pioneer Park, especially in leveling and landscaping.

With the agreement of the council, Mayor Squire told Hanson that the city staff should go forward and come back to the council with firmer options.