Writer’s club changes name to ‘Word Addicts’ and reaching out to wider audience

Writer’s club changes name to ‘Word Addicts’

and reaching out to wider audience




Five years ago a small club made up of established and beginning writers formed the North Sanpete Writer’s Club, based in Fountain Green.

Early this year, the club changed its name to Word Addicts and made plans to reach out to a worldwide audience.

Founder and author of three books, Allison (Brown) Bradley said, “When I started this group five years ago it was just to have someone to talk to about writing. I couldn’t have imagined what it would become. We’ve learned together, grown together, published three amazing group books and now have a great website to reach out to others. It’s incredible.”

Chairman of the group, James (Elliott) Mitchell, author and CEO of Anderson Publishing Company, said, “We accomplished almost a year of work in a matter of weeks. I can’t imagine another group of people who could do what they’ve done.” Both leaders mentioned how “proud” they were of the group members.

This year’s anthology book features a selection of delightful humorous stories for almost everyone from romance, mystery, fantasy, true to life and even science fiction. Contributing authors are Allison Brown, A. Shepard, Jenna Madsen, Lawrence Gardner, James Elliott, Amy Jorgensen, Cortney Winn and C. R. Truitt, all local writers.

The club has worked through the challenges of COVID-19 by holding meetings through videoconference, emails, phone messaging and chats. They have set up a domain www.wordaddicts.org and can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.