Correct directions to ghost town Scout ‘campout’

Letters to the editor:

Correct directions to ghost

town Scout ‘campout’


By Barry Baker

Nov. 9, 2017


Thank you so much for your most interesting article in this week’s Messenger, entitled Boys Scouts camp out in ghost town near Beaver. I think you have all details correct except the title of your article should have read: Boy Scouts camp out in ghost town near Milford, in Central Beaver County.

You should contact Lawrence Durtschi and ask to be his assistant next year when he takes his troop to Frisco. You will also be as excited as are his Boy Scout Troop 900 young men. I anticipate reading your follow-up article next year, after you have experienced what these Boy Scouts get so excited about every year.

My basic reason for this slight correction in your article title is that some folks may have an interest in driving to Beaver (by the way I am a graduate of Beaver High School) and may start asking local residents where you can find Frisco. Some of them may know, but probably only a small percentage. However, those who do know will tell you to take Utah State Highway 21, from Beaver west, passing the sign that reads Greenville, about three miles west and about one and a half miles south of Beaver on your left. You stay on Hwy 21 and will soon see another sign that reads Adamsville, on your right as you are now heading more in a southwest direction—Adamsville is about a mile and a half off Hwy 21 on your right. Adamsville has about six or seven homes, as I remember.

As you continue on Hwy 21, driving south for about three miles, you will notice on your right is a state park by the name of Minersville Lake State Park, which is actually a reservoir, the lifeblood of the farmers of my hometown of Minersville as a youngster. Yes, after you pass the reservoir the highway rounds the reservoir dam and heads straight west again. In about six miles you will pass Minersville on your left, population as I distinctly remember in 1961 was 592 residents, but now have probably close to 800 folks who call it home.

By the way, Minersville’s elevation is 5,280 feet above sea level, same as Denver—the mile high city.

Now you will drive in a Northwest direction for 13 miles to the city of Milford, Utah, population of probably 1500. Milford is a Union Pacific Railroad town. As you are driving through town make sure that you don’t miss the Highway 21 sign that takes a direct left turn west off Main Street.

Drive west for about two blocks as the street takes you up a hill where you will see Milford High School on your right. Keep on Hwy 21 for about 10 miles until you see a historic monument marker on your right, telling you about the ghost town of Frisco, at the foot of the San Francisco Mountain Range.

As you are reading the information on the monument, you will notice on your left, across Hwy 21 in the sage brush about 100 yards is where the Boy Scouts camped by the cemetery.


Barry Baker



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