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GV - NEWS - COVID in schools - Tiffanie Jackson

COVID-19 in Sanpete

Periodic news stories covering from a shift in daily life to a public health crisis to a community forced to adapt to change

NEWS – SUICIDE – part 2 factors of suicidal ideation – Mary Pipes – LLOYD

Suicide in Sanpete

Three installments on suicide and its causes, warning signs, complexities and prevention methods from local perspectives

Meth Logo image

Meth in Sanpete

A series about meth use in Sanpete County: what it is, the damage it causes and the road to
addiction recovery

Quote of the Week:

“With coordinated community responses and partnerships between government and organizations, Utahns can help save lives and change victims’ futures.”

—Susan Madsen, founding director of the Utah State University
Women and Leadership Project, concerning human trafficking.