Actors ‘take over show’ in Manti High play

Student-actors in the Manti High School theatre department cut a rug during a rehearsal of their upcoming production of “The Epic Play … that was never written!”

Actors ‘take over show’ in Manti High play


By Robert Stevens

Managing Editor



MANTI—The Manti High School (MHS) theater department has a production for playgoers that is a little bit different, but still offers what they come for—storytelling.

The production, written by MHS theatre coach Kory Howard, is titled “The Epic Play … that was never written!” and will be performed next Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb. 25, 26, with curtain time at 7 p.m. The play is being directed by Malorie Hansen.

“This play tries to capture the essence of telling a story, having fun, creating characters and situations,” says Howard. “I hope the audience can appreciate that these kids are doing something that they love and are gaining great life experience from working on this show.”

“What happens when the writer has writer’s block,” Howards asks? “The actors take over the play, of course! An epic tale of mystery, comedy, drama, action and adventure…and perhaps a little romance as well!”

It features Taylor Palmer and Hallie Williams as the writers/narrators and Jacob Norris as the rich snob. The play also guest stars Daegan Howell, Ali Hatch and Emma Allred.

Howard says that despite the play happening at a very busy time for MHS, with state sports in full swing, the student-actors have had a fun time pulling it together.

“We are in the middle of competition season, it’s the middle of winter, students are overwhelmed at times with school work and their personal lives,” Howard says.  “Preparing for a play at the high school can be hectic and stressful, but it is also a good time to let go of those problems and have fun on stage telling stories. I’m happy that they are able to juggle all their responsibilities and schedules and enjoy doing theatre. It’s been a good experience for all involved, from our director to our stage hands.”