All Republicans should support Trump and bring down the ‘establishment’

Letters to the editor:

All Republicans should support Trump and bring down the ‘establishment’


In the meridian of time a certain tent maker and student of the law, Saul of Tarsus, became an enemy of Christianity. He had the new Christians arrested, tried, and jailed. He also consented, by holding the garments of those who murdered Stephen by stoning. Saul’s name was changed to Paul after his miraculous conversion on the road to Damascus. He immediately and totally changed his efforts from threatening and slaughtering of the Christian disciples to preaching the gospel and becoming the very productive and extremely powerful new apostle.

He was chosen as a “special vessel to bear the name of Christ before the Gentiles and Kings”. The existing apostles and disciples accepted Paul because he was both authorized and effective at bringing down the old establishment. They immediately forgave and forgot about Paul’s past transgressions.

If one cannot see the strong parallel between Paul and Trump, they must be blind. Immediately all citizens who have the ability to discern the difference between the dark covert secret combinations of Clinton and especially all Republicans must support Trump and with all serious dispatch and humility help him bring down the “establishment”.

The wicked and absolutely duplicitous Hillary has never thought, acted, or spoke with the same inside voice as her outside voice (Dennis Miller). I paraphrase Ben Carson, “Our country is about to fall off a cliff” we must forgive any bad behavior of Trump’s past (before he entered public life) that occurred before he corrected his naughty acts and accepted his high calling to “Make America Great Again”(he now has a high and important reason to shape up) and help him stop the Clintons who ridicule, as deplorable, the effort to secure reasonable healthcare, stop illegal and dangerous immigration, keep manufacturing within our borders, respect the rights of unborn life, and control extreme radical Islam. These are bold and noble objectives.

Trump is far from perfect, however from his business record he has proven to be able to get results, creatively solve huge complex problems through good and competent people, yet of course he gets into trouble for not bowing to the “establishment” and using rough non political terminology as did Paul.

Obviously Paul’s calling was spiritual and Trump’s is temporal; however if you prayerfully study and compare Hilary to Trump’s expressions, body language, and histories, and I stress—especially since they each entered the political life — I think you will come to the conclusion that Trump is the person that will bring a fresh approach, and be more sincere and more effective for the particular problems we have today. Remember Trump has not earned his millions by selling any political favors and giving speeches, he did it in the rough and tumble world of business. We need his rough and tumble, ethical, transparent, law and order attitude in the White House.


Brent Anderson





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