Anonymous donor leaves classic children’s books for library

Anonymous donor leaves classic children’s books for library


Daniela Vazquez

Staff writer



Manti City Library Director Lynnzie Williams arrived at the library early Tuesday morning to open up and discovered an anonymous donor had left boxes of classic children’s books—some nearly a century old— in front of the large wooden doors.

“Wow, this is so great that someone wants to give us so many of their books,” she said.  “To whoever left these, we really appreciate it and we’re excited.”

A set of My Book House Collection stories were left, among various other old and rare series such as the famous 12 volume Franklin W. Dixon series, The Hardy Boys.

All the donated books were published between the 1930’s and 1970’s.

Williams said she looked into the value of the My Book House Collection stories, and while they are worth a fair amount of money, the series is missing the first volume, “In the Nursery.” For now, the collection is only worth a small fraction of the full set.

But there is good news for local children’s book collectors.

Williams says she will dig into her library’s catalog and inventory to determine which books the library will house, and then extend an invitation to the public to purchase any books the library cannot use.

According to Williams, proceeds from book sales will be used toward the new technology addition former library director Shanna Colburn began implementing, and to continue to broaden the library’s book, audio book and resource selection.