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Bulldogs ‘Ride to Pride’ to support volleyball team

A group gathers before the bus departs for the GVHS “Ride to Pride” to watch the volleyball game against North Sevier High School.


By Ben Lasseter

Staff writer



Bulldogs ‘Ride to Pride’ to support

volleyball team


GUNNISON—The student section showed up in strong in numbers to support the Gunnison Valley volleyball team at North Sevier High School last Tuesday.

Every year, the school puts together a “Ride to Pride” event to send a bus full of students to fill up the North Sevier bleachers. The teachers and students enjoyed a half hour of beautiful weather with hot dogs, chips and drinks at their own football field concession stand before the ride.

Shanell Knudsen, coach of the volleyball team, said the big crowd gave the team against North Sevier a boost. Earlier this year, they beat the conference rival in three straight sets. They made a point to bring the same intensity to this match.

“We never overlook North Sevier,” she said. “No matter how they are doing in their season, they always bring their best game.”

The Bulldogs took the match 3-0, though Knudsen said none of the sets were easy. She attributed part of the road win to the big GVHS crowd in attendance.

“We actually had a bigger crowd than North Sevier,” she said. “That was awesome.”

The conference matchup represented an important win in the final stretch of the Bulldogs’ season. Knudsen said the sweep of their rival was good for the team, particularly entering this week that includes two conference games.

Thursday’s home matchup is against North Summit, who is currently in first place in the division. A win in that matchup gives them a path to tying for or finishing in first place, especially if they win their other two remaining games, both of them in-conference.

In a season happening within a fall semester defined by uncertainty, last week’s game in Sevier County, a green-phase region of COVID-19 risk per the health department, did not bring up extra logistical concerns. Melissa Judy, assistant to the principal, said it was nice not having to plan around any extra of those guidelines to allow the “Ride to Pride” to happen. Masks were still required.
It is uncertain what kinds of regulations could be in place for playoff matches beginning this month, depending on venues. So, along with being a fun after-school event, the “Ride to Pride” event last Tuesday gave students a chance to play a role in putting the team in a favorable postseason position.


A group gathers before the bus departs for the GVHS “Ride to Pride” to watch the volleyball game against North Sevier High School.