Cabal agenda is the problem, not gun control

Letters to the editor:

Cabal agenda is the

problem, not gun control


As a mother and grandmother, I cannot remain silent. I must speak out against an evil striking at the heart of all that is held dear.

The “Valentine Massacre” in a Florida-school shooting claimed the lives of 17 children and wounded many others. The toll of such tragedies ever since the year 2000 (according to the “Survivors speak out: Two decades of school shooting survivors speak out about solutions” in Deseret News on Feb. 22) totals 149 killed and scores of others wounded.

Media sources continue to report that the urgent remedy to the slaughter of innocent children is gun control. This mantra is perpetuated through demonstrations and by other means.

First is the tragedy, then the demand for gun control. This has been an all-too-familiar pattern ever since the 1999 shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado.

No, the problem is not guns or the perpetuation of violence.

The problem is the agenda of a secret and deeply entrenched cabal seeking to destroy our God-given right to bear arms under the Constitution.

Our sovereignty is heading for a meltdown. Planned for us is a dictatorship underneath the United Nations and a one-world government.

Today’s reality stems from brutal, hardened conspirators drunk with the poisonous drive for power and gain. They care nothing about the suffering of human life. Such amoral groups have a history of destroying nations, including two great Christian civilizations on this hemisphere. (See Ether chapter 8 of the Book of Mormon.)

Cries of our children, victims of this merciless conspiracy, must not go unheeded.

Evidence is available, and wickedness will be unmasked as the light of truth shines upon this deadly evil.


Jane A. Braithwaite


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