Caleb Cedric Williams-Iles

Caleb Cedric Williams-Iles


Caleb Cedric Williams-Iles died on Aug. 6, 2017 from heat stroke in Phoenix, Arizona.  When he was taken to the hospital by an officer who found him on the August 5, he had a temperature of 109.7. He died in the Abrazo Hospital.

Caleb was born June 17, 1981. Caleb’s mom and stepdad are Dan and Shelly Iles of Manti, and his dad is Robert Williams of Modesto, California.

He gave no trouble to his parents as a child. He was the ideal kid. He was known for looking like a “Cabbage Patch Kid” back when they were all the rage. Once his brothers told mom that he was told he could ride free at the fair because he looked like a “Cabbage Patch Kid”.

He and his best friend, Eric loved to go fishing and did that every time they got a chance. Caleb played football, basketball and swam on a competitive neighborhood swim team. When he was on the winning team in basketball one year, his team got to play against the 49er’s football team.

He was in the Boy Scouts of America and was excited to go hear Joe Montana speak at a district meeting.  He got his Duty to God Award. Caleb was baptized in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when he was eight years old.

Caleb’s mom remarried when Caleb was almost three and he went by his stepdad’s last name most of his life.

When his stepdad went to truck driving school, Caleb and his two sisters went with mom and saw many of the sites in 13 states, for three months and a week, meeting daddy Dan along the way, when their paths crossed.

Caleb was married to Mandie Young and leaves two daughters and a son, Jayla, 13, Ryder, 9, and Jasmine, 8. A memorial service will be held in St. George in September and his ashes will be spread at that time.

There are other memorials planned. One has taken place in Phoenix on August 18.

Caleb was preceded in death by one brother, James and is also survived by two brothers and two sisters: Lee Williams in Phoenix, Arizona, Aaron Williams in Spokane, Washington, Natalie Groft in Las Vegas and Violet Wager in Overland Park, Kansas. He also leaves a stepsister, Jeni Eiland in Kern County, California as well as seven nieces and nephews.

Caleb studied web design at Dixie University. He worked at Lehi Block, in Northern Utah, Jones Paint & Glass in St. George and for Helping Hand Automotive in Phoenix. He was quite a salesman all through his life, always pitching one idea or another.

Caleb was successful in helping many friends in struggles that they faced. His family and friends will miss him and he will be remembered by many.

A Youcaring fund has been set up on Facebook to help with expenses incurred with his death.