Carlstons share memories of Snow with student-body

Students join Snow College presidential couple Janet and Gary Carlston in “Go Badgers” cheers at the Snow College Convocation earlier this month.

Carlstons share memories of Snow with student-body


By Lauren Evans

Staff writer



EPHRAIM – President Gary Carlston and his wife, Janet, talked about how Snow College had affected their lives and encouraged students to move forward through all obstacles they encounter during a Snow College Convocation talk Nov. 8.

“The comments that we share with you today will be somewhat personal, in some instances, and we do hope that you will accept them for what they are,” President Carlston said, “and hopefully you can find some meaning for your own lives in our experiences and our reflections.”

As the presentation began,, President Carlston told a few jokes before paying an emotional tribute to Janet for being his partner in everything he has done in life. The Carlstons also showed some photos of themselves in their days at Snow College.

“I think the young lady on the left; she’s weathered this aging process a little better than the young fellow on the right,” the president said.

“She was very young,” Janet Carlston replied.

The two also shared a story about the somewhat recent Snow tradition of becoming a “True Badger” at the bell tower located in the middle of the Snow campus.

The Carlstons joined students this year at the bell tower in the middle of the night to earn their own True Badger status after 45 years of being together.

The Carlstons then shared the story about how they met. “We are one of many, many thousands of couples who met here at Snow College, and what a great thing it has been for us,” President Carlston said.

The Carlstons expressed their gratitude for the faculty and staff of the college who helped them during their time at the school.

Both of the Carlstons said their mothers played central roles in keeping them motivated during their school careers.

“They had a profound effect on our lives and we’re grateful for them,” the president said.

At the end of their talk, the president and his wife expressed their love for Snow College, which drew an enthusiastic cheer from the student crowd.

Carlston has announced his retirement as president but has agreed to stay on the job until the Utah State Board of Regents announces a replacement.