Carolyn Tidwell retiring from serving in EPhraim Senior Center

Carolyn Tidwell, with three of her grandchildren.


Carolyn Tidwell retiring from serving

in Ephraim Senior Center




Carolyn Tidwell returned to Ephraim in 1994 and soon after became involved with the Ephraim Senior Citizen’s Center. She had retired but needed something more.

Carolyn’s mother, Melba Hansen, was involved early on with the center and Carolyn wanted to add to her efforts. Melba was always called the “Pie Lady” since her pies were the best and always sold to help the senior building fund. Carolyn inherited her cooking knowhow from and her mother, and she, too, makes awesome pies.

Carolyn’s tenure at the center is about to end, and Carolyn wants everyone in Ephraim to treasure the center and Pioneer Heritage Park and what they represent—love of our heritage, hard work, caring for others, and service.

Although the computer world made Carolyn a good living, and she worked within it for some 40 years, she encourages everyone to put that stuff aside somewhat and concentrate on good, old-fashioned love for yourself and your neighbors, nature, and being of service.

“Let’s teach our kids the difference between actuality and fantasy,” she says. “Put down the phone or game, look people in the eye, and talk to them.”

Carolyn’s new job will involve spending quality time with her three new family members and about 20 of their cousins. Finally, welcome Lisa Petersen as the new center director and support her the same way Ephraim residents have supported Carolyn.