Chasing the perfectly roasted bean


Alex Santy, founder of Outskirts Roasting in Fairview, the only coffee roasting company in Sanpete County, inspects his beans for roasting.



Chasing the perfectly roasted bean


Coffee roasting company is right here in Sanpete


By Robert Stevens

Managing editor



FAIRVIEW—The smell of roasting coffee can now be detected in a Fairview neighborhood some days. It comes from Outskirts Roasting, Sanpete County’s only coffee roasting outfit, which is a group effort by a handful of friends trying to find success chasing the perfectly roasted bean.

The company is the brainchild of Alex Santy, who grew up visiting his grandparents in Sanpete.

“Every summer I was down here helping my grandpa on the farm,” Santy says. “My grandpa would always give me a cup of decaf coffee. He called it ‘church approved.’ I always loved it, and always wanted to try the real thing.”

Eventually, Santy did try the real thing, and his love affair with coffee continued to blossom with a job as a barista, but he dreamed of opening a coffee shop in a small country town.

“After years of talking and planning, a buddy of mine suggested I start roasting coffee,” Santy says. “So I did, and I told my friends and it just blew up.”

All Santy had at the time was a small roaster that would only do one pound batches at a time, but he caught the coffee roasting bug and decided he wanted to start roasting coffee beans on a larger scale. Santy chose Fairview as the location for his new endeavor, and in the summer of 2018, he got a business license to open Outskirts Roasting, the one and only coffee roasting company in Sanpete County.

In an effort to make sure he was offering his customers an excellent product, Santy traveled all the way to Minneapolis to become certified in coffee roasting. He began importing coffee beans through a company called Cafe Imports, which gave him access to beans from Brazil, Mexico and Columbia to use in his roasting.

To get the business off the ground, Alex turned to his friends, who would go on to become co-owners in the business with him. They are Travis and Lori Chambers, and Jake and Jami Christensen. Gabriela Jaramillo also came on board to help with social media.

Now the Outskirts Roasting team has their coffee served and sold in a number of places across the state. Right here in Sanpete County, you can get a fresh cup of their coffee at the Fairview Corner Station Deli or the Coffee Depot in Mt. Pleasant. People passing through Scofield can also get a cup at KJ’s Catch and Snack.

Roasted beans and ground can be found at Gunnison Market, Terrell’s, Roots 89 Grill in Spring City, Payson Market and KJ’s Catch and Snack.

In addition to roasting beans from Brazil, Mexico and Columbia, the team at Outskirts also makes two signature blends. Twin Saddles is the medium blend, but Santy says the company’s most popular blend is their dark signature blend, “Ornery Bastards.”

Ornery Bastards got its name when the team was doing a photo shoot for images to use in marketing. Jake had been sitting on the tailgate of a truck, sipping their newly crafted dark blend and nursing some serious injuries he recently incurred, and looking pretty sour. Before long, the team named both Jake and their new roast, “Ornery Bastards.”

Santy says the future looks good for Outskirts Roasting, and he is currently getting ready to make Sanpete his full time residence to keep the beans roasting and the coffee flowing for those of us with a taste for locally roasted coffee

For more information on Santy and the Outskirts team, check out http://www.outskirtsroasting.com.


Lori Chambers (left), Jake Christensen and Alex Santy gather around the Outskirts Roasting coffee roaster.