Clean up the cities, make them sharp, prepare for growth

Letters to the editor:

Clean up the cities, make them sharp,

prepare for growth




Recently there has been a lot of talk about growth in Sanpete County. Some want growth, some do not. I say we take a step back and analyze it further.

Growth has been occurring regardless of the debate. The local cities and towns have allowed a few houses here, a few houses tee; a cul-de-sac here, a dead-end there; a dirt road here, a paved road thee until we are cluttered around the edges. We ae so reliant on GPS that we figure everything will be fine, but we need to stop and use common sense.

The time has come to clean up our cities and make things sharp! We must return to the original city plans of wide roads running north, south, east and west, and blocks wide enough that every house can have a garden to be as self-sufficient as possible.

Manti city has proposed adding a roundabout on the north end. Noting would cause more chaos! Roundabouts were popular in England but I don’t think the United States should follow suit. We are better than that. Imagine, heaven forbid, something tragic should happen at the local high school, law enforcement would be bogged down I traffic and could not respond in a timely manner, among many, many other problems. No, when it comes to city growth, the old ways are the best.


Lorraine Helton


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