Collegiate athletes should be given reasonable amount of money

Letters to the editor:

Collegiate athletes should be given reasonable amount of money




Athletes should be getting paid money to play sports at the collegiate level. Athletics are a significant income source for the college. There are a lot of extremely talented athletes in college that bring a lot of attention to the school and communities. They should be rewarded for their time and effort they put into the game. The past precedent for college athletes has been that the athlete should earn a degree, not money.

Johnny Manzel is a perfect example of this. He was a football player for Texas A&M. It was reported by ESPN that the college brought in $740 million dollars from donations in 2013. Big stars like this should be making more money than only for schooling.

This doesn’t mean that they should be getting millions of dollars. This means that they should be able to receive money to help them get by. They are still amateur athletes, but are also stars in college. They are above high school athletes and are a big role models to many people. Depending on how much the athlete can bring in for the college should determine how much money they are receiving.

Many student athletes don’t have the money to support themselves so they rely on these scholarships to get an education.

California just passed a new law that in three years college athletes will be paid. It has caused a huge uprising among the public. In 2023, thousands of student athletes will be allowed to promote products and companies, trading in on their sports’ reputation for the first time. I support this new law. As a college athlete, I know how hard these athletes are working. I am here on scholarship, but I have ended up still paying a lot of money for gear and softball fees. I would have loved the opportunity to make extra money to help me get through college.

Marae Condie, Snow College student athlete

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