Come laugh as ‘Miracle at Monty’ is presented by North Bend Entertainers

The North Bend Entertainers rehearse for their new comedy, Miracle at the Monty. Members, from left to right, are Kelsen Spencer, Jason Quinn, Sarah Anderson, Marc Anderson, Simon Quinn, Ryan Cox, Carrie Christensen and Savanna Shepherd.


Come laugh as ‘Miracle at Monty’ is presented by North Bend Entertainers



FAIRVIEW—The North Bend Entertainers will perform a new comedy farce with kooky characters, crazy situations and lots of laughs this Christmas season.

The play, Miracle at the Monty, can be seen at the Peterson Dance Hall in Fairview at 7 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 28, Saturday, Nov. 30 and Monday, Dec. 2. Tickets are available at the door.

This new three-act play by A. Shepherd starts in a rundown playhouse where only a miracle (or three) can save the day. A last ditch effort to cull money for repairs to save their beloved theater launches the actors into a hurried production of a live radio broadcast of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.  To complicate matters, the actors make a few well-meaning but poorly executed bad decisions. A mix of budding romances, quirky actors, potential investors and an overworked producer help make this show-within-a-show a comedy experience for the whole family.

The show is directed by Kay D and Jason Quinn of Mt. Pleasant; the cast includes Ryan Cox, Hillary Smith and Carrie Christensen of Fairview, Jason Quinn, Simon Quinn, Kelsen Spencer and Bryan Spencer of Mt. Pleasant, Sarah Anderson, Marc Anderson, Amy Shepherd and Savanna Shepherd of Fountain Green, and Brett Blackham of Ephraim.

The playwright A. Shepherd is also the author of the new novel To Wake a Sleeping Child and she makes her home in Sanpete with her husband and children.

North Bend Entertainers is a non-profit community theatre organization that was formed to save the Fairview Dance Hall and to provide a setting for local entertainers to showcase their talents. For more information call 469-1177 or visit Facebook.com/NorthBendEntertainers.