Communication is key to keep America united

Letters to the editor:

Communication is key

to keep America united


Dec. 14, 2017


My name is Antonio Herrera, and I am a student at Snow College. Over the past few months, I have noticed a problem in America: we are letting politics divide us. We are letting whether we are Democrats or Republicans come before the fact that we are all Americans and that we are all humans.

Both Democrats and Republicans are guilty of taking actions against the other because they have different political views. We cannot let party lines divide this great nation. The solution to this is simple: we, as Americans, have to accept each other. We cannot sit behind the political walls that we have made, throwing stones at each other. We have to recognize that we are all Americans and that we are all human. We can achieve this through something as simple as communication.

If we do not learn to accept each other as human beings and as Americans, then we risk the end of the great nation we call home. I have always believed that America was made great by our ability to come together and support one another in times of tragedy, whether this tragedy is the death of a loved one, natural disaster, or act of terror, foreign or domestic. The fact that some people are capable of making the claim that they feel no sympathy for somebody who died because they might have had differing political beliefs sickens me.

You and I can repair the divide in this country through communication. We can do this by reaching out to each other. Everyone is capable of finding something in common with someone else. We should build upon these not commonalities and learn to see each other not as Democrats and Republicans but as Americans. If we want this country to survive, we must learn to see that there is more to life than politics. Through conversation, we will learn to see this. We must learn to see that we are all Americans and we are all human

We have to make America human again.


Tony Herrera


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