County should cut expenses, not raise taxes

Letters to the editor:

County should cut expenses, not raise taxes


As a business owner in rural Utah, there isn’t anything more difficult than having to “cut back” or lay off employees.  However, when business conditions change and revenues fall, difficult decisions are required by management.  It hurts, but if you don’t take care of the health of your company, you won’t have a company.

The same principles apply to operations of the county.  Our county officials are elected to take care of the operation of the county.  When revenues fall, so must county budgets.  The proposed tax increase is absurd!

Of course, our elected officials know there will be an uprising against such a foolish 50 percent increase.  But their strategy is to get the public to accept a 10-20 percent increase (and feel good about it).

I propose that we hold our government official to a simple standard: for every one percent increase, they make a two percent cut in expenditures.  If we are subjected to a 10 percent tax increase, they must cut the county budget by 20 percent.

Sanpete County has enjoyed growth from people moving into this wonderful area, they have provided additional tax revenues that haven’t been seen in decades…  I hate cutting back, but whether it’s my personal budget or company budget, I am required to do what is essential to secure a safe future.

Of course we want continued police protection, but don’t play on the emotions of county residents. Our county officials need to reign in their appetites and control expenses.


Dale H Lewis

Spring City, Utah

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