County should notify of delinquent taxes by mail

Letters to the editor:

County should notify of

delinquent taxes by mail




I bought a lot on Mill Road in Ephraim. I found out my neighbor and I had both been paying taxes on the same property for 15 years, when my neighbor tried to quit claim my property on the strength of his tax notice.
Ephraim has been surveyed three times by registered licensed surveyors with different results each time. Now they survey with GPS for real accuracy? What a mess!
If the County finds small parcels, as in the Moroni newspaper article, from different surveys, don’t they have the moral responsibility to notify the neighboring owners of the delinquent taxes by mail, telling them of the problem and probable solution for their peace and security, rather than just list the property for tax sale and put them at the mercy of some land speculator?
Since government was established to serve the people, the county should serve people this way.

Frank M. Crowther,



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