Deer are part of rural life, accept it

Letters to the editor:

Deer are part of rural life, accept it


Aug. 8, 2019


I have a few things to say regarding the article, “Manti ordinance aims to eradicate deer in city limits.” Once again, it amazes me that something like this would even be considered in rural Utah. Because a few people (I’m assuming most are move-ins from a city) are unwilling to use their own money and take the steps necessary to keep deer off of their property.

They choose instead to whine and complain about wildlife damaging properties and plants, and expect someone else (government) to step in and cover the costs. If you don’t like the rural life and everything that comes with it, eradicate yourself, and move back to the city.

I find it even more appalling that the mayor and city council are using Herriman and Utah County cities as a comparison to justify a ridiculous ordinance for a rural community. Where are your rural Utah examples of a need to eradicate deer from their own habitat?

You are concerned about an “aesthetically pleasing” way to eradicate the deer population of Manti, to keep the city folks happy, and still be sensitive to “the people in town who enjoy having deer in their yards.” Sounds to me like you are already in agreement with the few complainers.

I agree, not everyone is going to be happy all of the time, and tough decisions have to be made. I just hope the mayor and city council take the time to do the proper research and listen to all citizens before making any final decisions.

I urge all citizens of Manti to attend the public hearing and let your voices be heard. Remember, if you choose to live in a rural area and build your home where the wildlife roam, you are guest to their habitat, not the other way around.


Randall J. Cox,

Mayor of Sterling


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