Disagrees with BYU broadcasting decisions

Letters to the editor:

Disagrees with BYU

broadcasting decisions


The reason for BYU Broadcasting dropping classical music from KBYU-FM and PBS from KBYU TV came to light during an interview on BYU TV on Jan. 21, 2018.

The managing director of BYU Broadcasting said that Elder Dallin Oaks told him in a meeting THAT BYU Broadcasting should teach the LDS gospel. From that, the director evidently inferred that classical music and PBS programming did not teach the “gospel” so Bach and Handel are going away as are nature and the Lawrence Welk Show, even with its LDS stars.

Programs such as Studio C and Extinct follow that order better for their target audience of 7 to 54 years of age, he said. Does that mean that the retired wealthy donors to BYU should end their donations because they are no longer important?

Personally, I believe that when BYU TV broadcasts talks given at Education Week on the BYU campus it was teaching the LDS gospel better than BYU volleyball and basketball are now.

It seems to me that the managing director of BYU Broadcasting should either reconsider Elder Oaks’ counsel, or leave his position or maybe even be fired if he insists that Extinct and Studio C teach the gospel better than Bach or nature.

Benton L. Peterson


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