Dislikes comments in recent edition of paper

Letters to the editor:

  Dislikes comments in recent edition of paper


I certainly hope you and the mayor “so appreciate” my comments in this letter like you did for the lengthy opinion of Ms. Schroeder.

I hope you will not edit my comments like you did in a previous letter I sent to you a year or so ago.

I think the “bad image for our city” is not a vehicle on a street but it is the citizens taking photographs of properties, places, and houses in Ephraim which seems to me to be putting others to shame.   Who wants neighbors who are snooty and critical?

What if I told you that recently a lady said she liked a city in Sanpete but said turkey dust made it smell so bad every time she visits the city?  What if a big mob of people was to rise up and target the farmers who are in the turkey business for polluting the air and creating the stink problem?  “Blight in the air!” they would charge.   And those same concerned complainers say that over the decades this offensive smell is tolerated because people with money and power are in charge in churches, businesses.   Money and power win.  No one will make the stinky air an issue because they are friends with the stinkers.   So the unlucky are those with few friends in high places.

I think the words written about the Hispanic or other ethnic people who live in the trailer park were cruel.  It is so easy to criticize those who are obviously poor.  I’m grateful that they don’t have to live in a tent like was suggested.  Living in a tent in the winter reminds me of the Willy Handcart Company pioneers.  I’m glad these people of today have a humble trailer now and for the winter.

There is something very hypocritical to be a temple loving people but swiftly race to sweep away people who don’t look good or seem to others to be sub-standard in their trailers.   What has happened to Ephraim?   Who wants to live in Snob City?   “There is now a stigma of living on the west side” – Who is fostering this disgusting attitude?   Wake up!  There are people and families living in THAT part of town.   Love thy neighbor.


LaRue Bailey



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