District counselors report to school board on importance of parental form

District counselors

report to school board on

importance of parental form


By Lloyd Call

Associate publisher

Nov. 16, 2017


GUNNISON—The South Sanpete School District board heard a detailed report from the district counselors at the last board meeting in November at the Gunnison Valley High School.

Each of the counselors shared different elements of why counseling is so important to students and parents, from helping students with problems to preparing them to be ready for higher education after high school.

It is not just important, but a legal requirement: before counselors can help a student one-on-one, they must have a signed parental document giving permission. Parents need to know that many services are restricted without that signed form.

One example is a web site, called Utah Futures, that students can access to help them plan future careers, but without a proper login account, results cannot be saved. Counselors can guide students through these tools, but can’t help students if they haven’t gone through the proper steps.

Counselors routinely teach anti-bullying, suicide prevention, needs assessments, and college readiness, and they are deeply committed to helping students.

As part of student readiness, next week high schools can participate in Utah College Application Week (UCAW). The goal is to have every high school senior make at least one application to an institution of higher learning. This is the third year that Manti High and Gunnison Valley High schools have participated in this initiative. A recent study concluded that “Ninety percent of middle school students say they plan to go to college, yet only two-thirds of students actually end up attending,”

Students will be assisted in applying to college, filling out FAFSA applications for grants, and meeting the deadline for applications.

The board signed a document affirming their support of the initiative, and of the counselors efforts to help students.

Events begin Monday, and will continue on Thursday with College Application Day, and Friday, with “Party like a Rock Star, I’m Going to College” Day at Manti High School.

In Gunnison Valley High School, College Application Day for seniors is set for Thursday, followed by a 5th Quarter Waffle Party on Friday, after the school musical.

Jason Strate, representing Central Utah Education Services (CUES), presented a summary to the board of recent improvements, especially in data backup.  CUES represents seven school districts, including South and North Sanpete, by buying in bulk.

Recently CUES has provided backup data services, instead of outsourcing them. One example Strate presented said that repairing computers used to cost districts over $66,000 annually, but that amount has been reduced to around $40,000 by through using CUES.

The board also acknowledged that the list of students who made Academic All State had been released. They are: Golf: Timothy Stewart (GVHS), Kolton Brailsford (MHS); Girls Tennis: Katherine Harmston and Jenifer Bailey, both from Manti; Jenifer Bailey was also recognized in Girls Cross Country.

In Boys Cross Country, named to All State were Cody Alder and Timothy Kryzmowski from MHS and Alexander Stewart from GVHS; Kjerstin Birth (MHS), and Kamree Tucker (GVHS) were named for volleyball; and in Girls Soccer, Amie Squire of MHS and Brinley Bown from GVHS finished out those recognized.

The board also reviewed the “Don’t Drive Stupid” campaign, stressing the importance of student and parent involvement in driver’s education courses. The goal is to have zero fatalities.

Finally, the board reviewed several policies, dealing with discrimination and sexual harassment, substitute teachers, employment licensure, and safe schools.

The next board meeting will be Dec. 13 at 3:30 p.m. in the district office in Manti.