Dr. Cole shares thoughts on retirement and challenges

Letters to the editor:

Dr. Cole shares thoughts on

retirement and challenges



Editor’s Note: Dr. Gary Cole was a physician specializing in family practice at the Intermountain Mt. Pleasant Clinic for 20 years. He retired May 1 because he is fighting cancer. He has also held many positions in Boy Scouts and says he plans to continue working on development of a community Boy Scout troop.



I thought I had better take a moment to thank so many of you who have been so kind me, not only recently as a result of my cancer, but also those over the years who I have had the privilege to care for.

Some may want some details. I am doing pretty darn good. I am continuing with chemotherapy and am following doctor’s orders. The treatment has caused a neuropathy in my hands and feet, but I am working through that. I plan on living for a long time, but if not, my faith gives me peace to know that there is much to look forward to after this life. Not that I am anxious to go, but it does bring me comfort.

Being able to “retire” has allowed me to spend more time with my family and do some things that I would like to do. My oldest son has been accepted to dental school and is here working for the forest service. Being “retired” has allowed me to spend time with him before he leaves for school, which has been fun. Also being off has given me time to enjoy just simple things like working in my yard, working on old cars, playing golf (new for me), and building stuff.
This COVID outbreak has not allowed me to say good bye and thank you to so many who have become my friends. It has also restricted some activities that I would have enjoyed otherwise. This has been a source of sorrow as there are so many great folks around who I really love! I cannot say thank you enough for allowing me into so many of your lives. I have often been amazed and humbled by the trust placed in me to provide care, but I feel that it is so much more than that.  I have been there to laugh with you, cry with you and smile with you. You have let me into your families and private life. I have thoroughly enjoyed the practice of medicine here in our county and love it here! We live in a great place! There are so many kind and gracious people!

The practice of medicine has allowed me to see that we all struggle with something. For most if not all, their struggles are not readily apparent, so a bit of patience is in order from us all. We all just need to be more kind and considerate of each other. Some struggle with pain, depression, physical disorders, and still much more, but we all have differences and challenges that we need to work on; so smile, laughter really is the best medicine.
We will continue to live in our home in Ephraim, because we love it here and have many friends and family around. Thanks again for so many great years of practice. If you see me around (which I will be) say hi, I am happy to talk.

Dr. Gary Cole,


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