Farewell, Sam Ray

Sam Ray stands besides banner and balloons that North Sanpete School Board members and school district staff posted outside his home in Mt. Pleasant last week as he retired after five years as superintendent.

Farewell, Sam Ray




MT. PLEASANT—Because of COVID-19 restrictions, North Sanpete School Board members and district staff couldn’t throw a standard retirement party for Sam Ray, who stepped down last week after five years as superintendent.

So they posted a banner and balloons outside his home. The school board gave him a golden apple figure inscribed with his name and the years he had served as superintendent. The board also gave him a gift card.

Employees wrote letters that were put in a binder and presented to him.

Ray came to North Sanpete in 2014 from the Provo School District where he was director of human resources. Previously, he was principal of Farrer Middle School in Provo and of Provo High School.


Retiring Superintendent Sam Ray talks to a school board members and district staff who gathered outside his home to honor him last week. Participants in the gathering included board members Greg Bailey, Rich Brotherson, Stacey Goble and Jeremy Madsen. Staff who were on hand included Tammy Jorgensen, Amada Morley, Karen Seely, Carol Church, O’Dee Hansen, Melanie Lee and Darin Johansen.