Favorite author presents mini-assembly to Gunnison Students

Typically a visit from author Gary Hogg is a one day visit in a large assembly at Gunnison Valley Elementary School. This year, because of COVID-19, GVES students were lucky to meet with the author in 19 small groups, spread across two days.


Favorite author presents mini-assembly to Gunnison Students


By Anita Lyons

Staff writer



GUNNISON—A perennial favorite, children’s book author Gary Hogg has been visiting kids at Gunnison Valley Elementary School before the new elementary was built.

Hogg, the author of 26 books, is a native of Burley, Idaho, where he became acquainted with local teacher Kristal Childs, who has now retired.

Teachers and students look forward to his annual and entertaining assemblies.

This year, because of COVID-19 restrictions, he came last Tuesday and Wednesday and presented 19 small group assemblies. Usually, Hogg visits with the entire student body in one or two assemblies.

Hogg is a master storyteller and often acts out stories he has written. He helps students think of story ideas from their own lives and guides them in selecting great words to tell the story. He makes a point to teach the writing process.

“Authors always think twice,” is one of his many quotes which are posted around the school.

He encourages children to be authors, telling them, “The world needs your author’s voice.”
According to his website, “he has inspired more than 2 million students to declare with confidence, ‘I am an author!’”

Hogg is the author of the Charlie Bacon and Spencer’s Adventures book series, as well as favorites like Look What the Cat Dragged In, and The Great Toilet Paper Caper. He now lives in Huntsville with his wife.