From the mouths of babes


From the mouths of babes


By Vanesa Larsen

North Sanpete Middle School, 6th grade




Editor’s Note: Vanesa Larsen is an eighth grader at North Sanpete Middle School and a student columnist for the Sanpete Messenger school section. If your student would like to contribute a column for “From the mouths of babes,” contact Robert Stevens, Messenger managing editor, at rstevens@sanpetemessenger.com.


By Vanesa Larsen

All this masks and hand sanitizer and the “Oh, there’s a vaccine!”

“No, it’s just the Russians wanting attention again.” We’re all sick of it. We’re over it, we can get back to life now, right?

I’m over it too. But I know that it’s not going to be over any time soon. Therefore, this will be my last article about the virus. I hope you do not regret reading this, and I do not think you will.

This time, I interviewed my amazing teacher, Rhett Bird. He’s a Spanish teacher at the middle school and football coach at the high school.

Masks. I dislike them, but I want to protect my grandparents and others more than I want to take them off. Mr. Bird said: “I don’t like them, they are horrible to wear! But I know they are important.” I agree.

I asked Mr. Bird how long he thought this would last, just because I was curious. “Two to three months,” he said. In the back of my mind, I think I knew that it would last longer, but had just pushed that thought aside.

This is something we need to focus on more. What will we learn from this? What will we take away from these crazy times? I think that I’m going to learn that many people don’t make the right calls when they’re stressed or under pressure.

In the future, I’ll look back on these times and say that I learned more than I thought I would. Mr. Bird said, “I am surely going to learn how people think. Because during these times, each person wants to share their opinion about what is happening, and sometimes what they are sharing is not great. So I have learned that it is good to share your opinion, but in such a way that everyone can understand it. And I have also learned the importance of helping one another and understanding one another.”

Quarantine was great for some who, I don’t know, fell in love, and not so great for others who were in a bad situation. I feel terrible for those whose parents couldn’t work from home. For Mr. Bird, he had a baby! So he was occupied, I’m sure.

Please, I am begging you, wear your mask! In these times, you are only being tested to see who you really are. Do you put others before yourself? Put your mask on!

The Spanish Flu of 1918 ended when the vaccine came out. Will corona end when this vaccine comes out? I really hope that it will, but so many people are saying that the vaccine is just a hoax or a tracking device.

However, we already carry our phones around everywhere with us, and we’ve seen that Apple still has control over each one of them, so who cares?

If you don’t believe in the vaccine, fine. But me and my family just want this to be over, so we’re getting it. Don’t you want this to be over?