Grateful for a generous heart

Letters to the editor:

Grateful for a generous heart

Aug. 15, 2019


Several weeks ago, a man in our community passed away.  He was a very unassuming person who didn’t seek the limelight.  He was a Vietnam veteran and a police officer who offered his hand to anyone he could.

The last months of his life were very challenging but he embraced it with compassion, selflessness and giving.  He truly was an example for us all to live by.  He advocated for the Angel Tree program and the Children’s Justice Center through the Friends Board and gave generously to those causes.

He received a Steve Johnson knife from a drawing sponsored by the Friends Board of the Children’s Justice Center where he paid $20 for the tickets.  When he was drawn out as the winner, he didn’t feel good about it and donated $100 more.

Realizing his life was going to be short-lived he gave the knife back, to be used again in another drawing, along with another sizable donation.

We are grateful to Lynn Wilson for his generous heart and showing us how we can live our lives.


Friends Board of the Sanpete County

Children’s Justice Center

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