Group of Sanpete writers publish book of retold fairytales

“Medley of Fairy Tales” is the name of a book recently published, written by Sanpete contributors


Group of Sanpete writers publish book of retold fairytales


By Emily Staley

Staff writer

Sept. 28, 2017


FOUNTAIN GREEN—The North Sanpete Fiction Writing Group is celebrating the publication of a newly released anthology of short stories, all written by local authors.

The book, “Medley of Fairy Tales,” is a symbol, as well as the actual product, of action rather daydreaming, and following through to see something to completion.

“If you have something you want to do, do it,” Allison Bradley, the Sanpete Fiction Writing Group’s founder, says. “Don’t just sit around and say you don’t have the resources to do whatever you want to do. Go out and find your resources. When you reach out, there will be people willing to join you.”

Bradley speaks from experience, as she herself decided one day that she wanted someone to talk to about fiction writing. So, she went out and found that resource. Bradley was joined by experienced author Jenni James, a bestselling author of nearly 40 published books. They started started the fiction-writing club out of thin air.

“Having the group gets us to write fiction,” Bradley enlightens, “It’s hard to get yourself do something if you don’t have a reason to. … I enjoy writing, I wanted people to be able to get together, write together and help each other.” Bradley said, and she has accomplished exactly that.

Group member Marla Workman emphasized the value of the group to her. “The hardest part of writing is driving clear to the end, but having the group made it easier because of the support we were able to give each other. We would write, and then critique each other’s writing.”

James Mitchell joined the group at the beginning of its creation in November 2015 at Jenni James’ invitation. He said he could not be happier about the opportunity. “By joining the group, I found a new hobby that I never thought I’d have, and I made new friends as well.”

The group not only helped each other with their writing, but they decided to write a compilation of fairytales together. Each member chose a fairytale and wrote a retelling of the story. They worked together to revise and complete their stories.

“Compiling this book made us strive to improve ourselves to create this published work,” Bradley says.

The book has been a main focus of their meetings, which have been once a month. The book was published Sept. 12 and is now available for purchase.

The Medley of Fairy Tales is written by Jenni James, Allison Brown (Bradley), A. Shepherd, James Elliot, Marla Workman and Jenna Madsen.

“Medley of Fairy Tales” is available for purchase in paperback or Kindle Edition on Amazon.com.

The group is open to newcomers, with members coming from different backgrounds, and who range from all different ages and experience. If interested in joining, contact Bradley at anxbradley@gmail.com.