Gunnison Valley Middle School production of Mary Poppins play is ‘total group effort’

The whole cast of Gunnison Valley Elementary School’s fall musical production, “Mary Poppins” appears on stage to the delight of a row of small children seated on the floor in front of the stage for the best view on Friday, Nov. 8.


Gunnison Valley Middle School production of Mary Poppins play is ‘total group effort’


By Robert Stevens

Managing editor



GUNNISON—The final curtain has closed on Gunnison Valley Middle School’s grand and ambitious student production of “Mary Poppins.”

The play ran from Nov. 7-9 and featured a large cast and crew made up entirely of students.

“This is a total group effort,” says Stella Hill, play co-director. “Not only do students learn the show, but more importantly they learn about teamwork, self-esteem and working together for a common goal.”

The play has been in the making for a while and its first seeds were planted when lead director Laura Barlow sent out a message to co-directors Hill, Debbie Pike and Marci Walker naming Mary Poppins as the school’s fall musical.

According to Hill, more than 100 students auditioned for the play. Sarah Jane Hill was cast as Mary Poppins, Kyler Jensen as Bert.

Brighton Comin was Jane Banks and Elijah Walker was Michel Banks. Mr. and

Mrs. Banks were played by Andrew Barlow and Jackie Jensen, respectively. Other students were cast as house servants, chimney sweeps, statues and many children and towns people.

Hill says the whole crew took preparing for the play very seriously. Practices were scheduled at 7 a.m. to avoid after-school conflicts.

“Our musical was also run totally by students,” she says. “Stage crew, technical directors, sound and lights, plus props are all responsibilities of students.

“The set is gone. Costumes are packed away. However, Mary Poppins will forever be in our memories as another great musical at Gunnison Middle School.”