Handle COVID without infringing on our rights

Letters to the editor:

Handle COVID without infringing on our rights





COVID-19 is presenting some unique challenges. Some are saying follow the science and others are saying don’t overstep the government’s bounds in the name of safety. With a background in finance, accounting and real estate, I find it is always helpful to follow the money for one narrative or another.

The narratives are telling me that COVID has many strains, some dangerous, some not so much. I was probably the first person to wear masks and gloves to Walmart in Ephraim back in February. As an immune compromised person, I could not afford not to be careful. I avoided family and friends for many weeks and stayed home. I studied a LOT so I would know how to act and keep myself safe.

Back to the narratives: One is that this is a dangerous out-of-control virus that kills with impunity and will overwhelm our hospitals if we are not careful. Careful is defined as social distancing, limited contact with others not of our household and everyone wearing masks. They look to a vaccine as the ultimate solution.

The other is that this is a flu, a little more dangerous than other strains, that we should let herd immunity build and only those who are most at risk need to wear masks and take extra precautions. There are simple solutions such as Vitamin D, Zinc, Vitamin C and quinine or Hydroxychloroquine to lessen the severity. What is most at risk according to the later perspective is our rights and freedoms.

When I follow the money trail, the first narrative is by far the most expensive and has the most winners and losers as far as money is concerned. First of all, the pharmaceutical companies come out way ahead as everyone is being primed to take The Vaccine that will solve all our fears. Small businesses are big losers as they are left to dwindle away while the big box stores somehow get to stay open. Churches are losers as they aren’t essential, but protesters and rioters somehow are ok in large numbers.

On the other hand, simple remedies are scoffed at as “unscientific” and without double blind studies etc. They are inexpensive, mostly over the counter and when you do the research, actually do have scientific evidence of being efficacious.

To my newly elected representatives, this brings me to how Gov. Herbert has been handling COVID and what you can do about it. Overblown fear over a real disease is being used to take away some very basic rights: religious freedom, right to assemble and the “pursuit of happiness.” In following the money, there are solutions to this that are inexpensive, useful and hopeful. They actually work much of the time. Our very life depended on knowing the truth. Do not let the fear mongers take away our precious freedoms for perceived safety. There are ways to handle this without infringing on our rights.


Susan Manning-Brook,


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