Happy to see restoration of historical Ephraim homes

Letters to the editor:

Happy to see restoration of historical Ephraim homes

I am happily surprised to see some of Ephraim’s beautiful historical houses on the east side of South Main Street being restored, painted, or otherwise transformed into lovely architectural treasures that enrich our community and deepen our appreciation of its beginnings and its journey from the mid-1800s into the early decades of the 1900s.

              Whoever embarks on this kind of enterprise gives a gift to the entire community and beyond, when they possibly were only intending to make for themselves a beautiful home.

              In my own such endeavors over many, many years, I have researched my house and become familiar with the families who have lived within those old walls, enlarging my appreciation a hundred fold.

              When you take on something like this, it opens to you another world and broadens your life experience. The hours, days, months and years I have spent thinking about my beloved old house and its people are rich indeed.

              So, carry on, you preservers of our architectural heritage, I for one salute you and thank you.


Sherron Andreasen


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