High School theme focuses on unity, courage and attitude


High School theme focuses on unity, courage and attitude


By Marcy Curtis

Staff writer



Three North Sanpete School Board members were re-elected and sworn in at a school board meeting last week.

Richard Brotherson, Shalmarie Morely and Stacey Goble all took their oath of office and were sworn in by district business administrator Darin Johansen. Brotherson was also elected as the school board president by the members of the school board.

Board members mentioned that many good things have been happening in the district. Administrators and teachers were recognized for working hard to keep school in session and holding extracurricular activities. Students were also praised for hanging in there with all the changes.

“Students have been thrown big challenges and are handling it the best they can,” said Morely.

The North Sanpete High School Student Body Officers presented the school report. Student advisor Ricki Stewart mentioned the students will be better for all that they have been through this year. “Activities at school have been hard to have, and keeping students connected is a priority,” said Stewart. “We have had a lot of hard conversations with students, but they will be better off because of them.”

Student Body President Brady Jacobson introduced the 2020-21 theme: Unity is Strength, Courage is Power, Attitude is Everything. “We knew we would need something to inspire and uplift our students as we faced the challenges of hosting activities during COVID-19,” said Jacobson.

“While we have worked hard to be normal, we have in fact had to adjust, a lot,” said Riley Madsen, Student Body Vice President.

The students have missed out on dances, regular homecoming activities, assemblies, and singing the school song together. They have been able to do food drives, Sub for Santa, and a homecoming parade. New things have also been found at North Sanpete High School such as game show broadcasts, school Kahoots, bingo and a lot of PB&J sandwiches.

“While we have learned to deal with disappointment, we have tried to make the best of an unfortunate situation,” said Jacobson. “We will continue to work to maintain connections for students at school.”

Trisha Power informed the school board that community members want a school orchestra. Members of the community were sent a survey and 70 people responded in one day. Students in the district are missing the opportunity to participate in orchestra in a school setting. South Sanpete School District has an orchestra program, she said.

“It’s only fair for there to be equal opportunities for every student,” said Bradley Power, a student at North Sanpete High School. “Only having a band in high school, with no orchestra, is like having a football team, but no basketball team. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Power suggested that the program start in elementary school, but also that any orchestra program would be better than none. School board members mentioned that it wasn’t something that they could decide at that moment, but that they would continue to look into it.