SPONSORED CONTENT: Hometowne Real Estate has big city experience with small town feel

SPONSORED CONTENT:  Hometowne Real Estate has big city experience with small town feel

By Linda Petersen

Staff Writer



When you’re looking to buy or sell a home or property, you want someone who cares as much about your interests as you do. With Hometowne Real Estate, a family-owned and operated business in Mt. Pleasant, you get just that.
Brian and Trina Brunson and their son Brady have a passion for helping people get into home ownership or to move beyond a home that no longer fits their needs. Combined, they have more than 50 years of experience in the real estate industry.

Brian and Trina moved to Mt. Pleasant in 2016 when while vacationing here they fell in love with Sanpete County and decided to purchase Klevens Heaven Bed & Breakfast which currently operates as HomeTowne Bed &

Brady and his family also reside in Lehi, providing a continuing connection between markets. Collectively, the runsons represent their clients’ interests throughout the state of Utah.  Brian has spent the past 38 years in the real estate industry.  He has worked in construction, as a senior underwriter for a national title company and as a real estate agent and broker. He understands the industry inside and out, from working with first-time home owners to large multibillion-dollar corporations.

But what he loves the most is helping people one at a time realize their dreams. As such, the Brunsons do not epresent both buyer and seller in any transaction so they can ensure the best service and outcome for their clients and so you know they’re always in your corner without having to worry about divided loyalties.

The Brunsons came to Mt. Pleasant from Utah County where they worked with real estate for more than 30 years,including volunteering in local city government for 13 years. With their connections and understanding of the many people from the Wasatch Front and beyond who are looking to buy in Sanpete, they can put that expertise to work for you. Since they moved to Mt. Pleasant, they have spent a lot of time studying the local market and learning the ins and outs of getting you the best deal, whether you are selling or buying. With his many years in the business, Brian knows real estate contracts and processes inside and out and makes sure his clients understand everything that is involved in their real estate transaction.

He stays on top of current trends, both local and national, and utilizes his underlying knowledge of the industry
on a daily basis. “Real estate is usually the single largest financial transaction in a person’s lifetime,” Brian says.
“It’s so important to us to protect your interests above all else. People pay a lot of money when they hire a real estate agent—they should get their money’s worth.” Trina has a creative background and can help you prepare your home so that it is most appealing to buyers. Brady, who is a BYU graduate in business management, is very detail oriented. He provides educational material and data analysis for clients as well as making sure team members are taking maximum advantage of technology for exposure for their clients’ properties.

Brian, Trina and Brady are available to you 24/6 (they do take Sundays off). When you call, it’s likely you will talk to Brian who will visit with you to find out your needs and which member of the team is the perfect fit for you. They
also respond promptly to all voice mails so there’s no waiting around for someone to get back to you.

The Brunsons set up all showings themselves and utilize electronic lock boxes on all properties for your safety and security. Anytime anyone accesses your home Brian is sent an email to ensure that no unauthorized person is gaining access to your home or property. Since Brian is a broker, they can cut down on a lot of the red tape that hangs people up in many real estate transactions. And everything they do is included in their agent fee so there
are never any unexpected broker or other fees.

While they sign a contract with you because it is required by law, they won’t hold you hostage to that contract.
“We don’t want anyone to do business with us just because they signed a piece of paper,” Brian says. “We want them to see the value in what we do for them.” While HomeTowne Real Estate has a website, it’s deliberately
very basic since Brian thinks buying clients are best served by the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) at Utahrealestate.com which shows all the options that are out there, not just a single agency’s listings. “We want our clients to have as much access as possible to the inventory that’s out there,” Brian says. “We think that’s good business.”

The Brunsons pride themselves on having repeat clients who buy and sell all their homes through them. That’s what they’re looking for here in Sanpete because they are here to stay and want to be your real estate agents
for a lifetime.

“Real estate is more of a lifetime passion for us than an opportunity to make money,” Brian says. “We love helping
people get into real estate—that’s the American dream.” So if you’re looking to buy or sell a home or property,
call Brian at 801-592-4840 or Trina at 801-376-4840 today and get going on the best real estate experience you’re ever going to have.