If we are a nation of law, why is there no consistency?

Letters to the editor:

If we are a nation of law,

why is there no consistency?

Oct. 26, 2017


From the to-do about Russia influencing our internal affairs it is understandable why we have made enemies with the multi billion dollars we spent in foreign aid interfering in their internal affairs.  We support one despot and their opposition is our enemy.
If it’s against the law to interfere in foreign nations internal affairs why are we doing it? If it isn’t against the law, why is there an investigation?
Special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating Trump/Russia connection through a grand jury to establish crime. That’s what the grand jury was established for, but there was no criminal charge. Is it law a convenience of politics or bought politicians?
If we are a nation of law, why is there no consistency? We have interfered in eight elections recently, overthrown Iraq, destroyed Sadam Hussain, our greatest ally against Islamic terrorism, and maintain a military presence in many countries. The hypocrisy is mind blowing.
A recent study of 9/11 building destruction financed by the architects and engineers for the truth of 9/11 detailed the structural bulwarks not considered in the official conclusion. The study concluded fire did not destroy the building as claimed.
Why isn’t Robert Mueller investigating this, the greatest crime of the century? The destruction on 9/11 which caused loss of freedom (patriot act) the loss of millions of lives and trillions of dollars by war and the lies and cover ups of a republican administration? It’s like picking at a pimple while the body politic is hemorrhaging.

Frank Crowther


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