Inside our Schools

The 5th period cast consisted of, left to right: Front row: Taylee Davis, Kendra Borden, Jaqui Perez-Aguilera, Yareli Vasquez-Leal, Mallory Hinckley, Cloe Jessop, Calder Bailey, Artemis Corona-Manzo; Middle row: Austin Johnson, Paige Nielsen, Michael Reece, Mason Perry, Hayden Jensen, Alex Lund, Caden Kidder; Back row: Kolten Glasgow, Valeria Castro, Eleazer Daley, Marshal Wright, and Thomas Reece.


Inside our Schools


Compiled by Suzanne Dean 




North Sanpete High School

Jon Hafen, counselor at North Sanpete High School, talks to students during a Hope Squad assembly Tuesday. The Hope Squad is a group of students who try to identify other students who might be contemplating suicide.

The theme of the assembly was “ask”—ask your kids, ask your friends if they are okay, if they are happy, and if not, if they are thinking about suicide.

Hafen and Mazie Talbot, a member of the student council, gave out phone lines students can call for help as well as a list of resources.

In connection with the assembly, Mayor Mike Olsen of Mt. Pleasant proclaimed Tuesday as “A Day of Hope” in Mt. Pleasant and encouraged citizens to join together “in any way that is personally meaningful.”


Cast members for the 4th period production, left to right, was: Front row: Ashley Baker, Brynlee Neves, Eli Tanner, Lilian Anderson, Gulianna King, Talissa Osborne, Courtney Sorensen, Kassidy Nelson;
Middle row: Wyatt Bailey, Marlin Martinez, Brandt Lund, Journey Toomey, Oakley Denton, Adilynn Shepherd, Caden Smith, Angelo Harper, Ryder Mondragon; Back row: Brady Smith, Ailey Bench, Shea Rawlinson, Brecklyn Thompson, Owen Drew, Cache Nicolso


North Sanpete Middle School

North Sanpete Middle School students performed a comedy titled “Visiting Grandparents” on Wednesday at the school.

Two different casts presented the play at different times.

Audience members donated canned food for a school program that provides food for needy students, especially on weekends.

“The students have worked hard to develop their talents and have done an excellent job,” said Kim Markworth, drama teacher at the school, who both wrote and directed the play.


Gunnison Valley Elementary

Gunnison Elementary will have a STEM Day (the acronym stands for science, technology, engineering and math) on Thursday.

Guest speakers will be talk to various classes about science and technology topics. Gear-Up students at Gunnison Valley Middle School will attend the elementary school for the day.

The elementary school will also have a Scholastic book fair all week next week. The school will sponsor a Reading Night on Monday, March 2 beginning at 6 p.m. All elementary school families are invited.



Gunnison Valley Middle School

Students in the Career-Technical Education class at the middle school will visit Snow College to learn more about college opportunities on Tuesday, March 3.