It’s not hard to protect gardens from deer

Letters to the editor:

It’s not hard to protect gardens from deer




This letter to the editor is regarding the article by James Tilson; “Manti looking for solutions to deer that are causing some residents ‘to give up on gardens.”

I find it interesting that people choose to move/build in the beautiful rural mountains of Sanpete, overtaking not only deer habitat but other wildlife too, and then have the gall to complain and blame the deer for messing up their own habitat.

As a homeowner, if you want to plant a garden, it should be up to you to do the research and take the necessary steps to protect your plants from any wildlife you do not want to share it with.

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources website has plenty of ‘researched’ information to assist homeowners and with a few more clicks of the mouse, you can probably find more than enough information to help you deal with deer in your yard.

I believe council meeting might be better spent discussing and doing something about the thousands of deer killed on our Utah roads. Protecting drivers by building fences and crossing along our Sanpete County roadways seems a more valuable use of time and resources.


Randall J. Cox


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