Johnny “Chico” Billie

Johnny "Chico" Billie
Johnny “Chico” Billie
Johnny “Chico” Billie


Johnny “Chico” Billie, 43, passed away on March 6, 2017 from injuries sustained in an ATV accident.

Johnny was born on Nov. 19, 1973 to Violet and Tony Billie of Sheep Springs, New Mexico and has six brothers and six sisters, including Clara Jarvis, of Sterling Utah, whom he lived with the last 20 years of his life.

Johnny loved the outdoors and being with his two dogs, Bear and Spunkers.  Johnny had a knack for fixing and working on engines because of this, family members would often rely on his mechanical skills to fix their personal vehicles. This talent led him into his career working for Triple L Transport as a diesel mechanic for the last 15 years.  If he wasn’t working on a vehicle he was chopping wood, fishing, building a fire, camping, riding the razor and 4-wheeler with his dogs.

Johnny was a skilled woodworker, carving and drawing beautiful native scenes. Johnny was also very proud of his Native American Navajo culture and could be heard telling the stories to his nieces and nephews every chance he got.  He would remind them often to remember who they were and where they come from.  He would also be the judge to decide if you were “part of the tribe” usually based on if he liked you or whether you were good or bad.

Funeral Services will be held on March 18, 2017 in Sheep Springs, New Mexico.