Legislature treated rural Utah well in education funding

Letters to the editor:

Legislature treated rural Utah

well in education funding




For far too long has rural Utah been left out of the political conversation.

However, things are changing, and they are changing because of the hard work, commitment, and dedication of our legislators in this part of the state.

The 2020 legislative session was far from easy, but because of the individual and collective efforts of our legislative delegation, about $10 million of new resources will be directed to Central Utah. This is the best year of state support for rural Utah in recent memory.  A year like this one doesn’t happen on its own, and is only made possible by sheer work and complex negotiation on the part of our legislators.

If any of you get a chance, please reach out and thank Sen. Ralph Okerlund, Rep. Carl Albrecht and Rep. Derrin Owens. They care deeply about our communities and Snow College, and have proven to be very effective in representing our part of the state. I have worked with various legislators for over 20 years and I am pleased to say that this delegation is as good as any with which I’ve worked.

Our district is always at a political disadvantage because of fewer representative seats. However, this year demonstrated that our delegation punches above its weight, and what we might lack in legislative seats, is more than made up by our representatives’ effective coalition building, persistence and being plain smart.

As a proud product of rural Utah, I believe we are often misperceived and overlooked, and that is partially our fault. Far too long, we have remained silent. Let us join our voices with our strong legislative leadership and show our Wasatch Front friends why rural Utah is relevant to their lives and to the health and well-being of the state.

Often, service as a state legislator is a thankless job. At the close of this legislative session, I express my deep appreciation to Sen. Okerlund, Rep. Albrecht and Rep. Owens for a job well done.


Bradley J. Cook
President, Snow College


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