Liz Clawson and the Navajo Nation

Ally Brotherson


Liz Clawson and the Navajo Nation


By Alley Brotherson Miss Sanpete



Give and Grow is a monthly article that highlights the outstanding volunteers in Sanpete County and the organizations that are in need.

Daniel Clyde prepares to disperse a load of staples and other essential items to people in need on the Navajo nation.


Liz Clawson was born in the Navajo Nation and raised by a single mother. At the age of 8, she was placed on the LDS Indian Placement Program. She attended school in Salina, Utah, and returned home to the reservation each summer. She has lived in Sanpete County for almost 25 years with her husband, one daughter, four sons and two granddaughters.

Clawson has volunteered for years and found herself passionate about the work that she has accomplished because she has a deep connection to her homeland. The Navajo Nation is her home and its residents are her people. She has previously lived in the same harsh conditions and has dreamed of a better life for herself and others.

Thousands of Navajo are in need of what most of us would consider basic necessities. In Clawson’s words, “I have worked hard and made a comfortable living. I feel strongly about giving back and helping others.”

Recently, Clawson has teamed up with Daniel Clyde, who is also a Navajo originally from Crystal, New Mexico, for a car giveaway. They are looking for an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation who is on the road to success and can use a little boost.

Growing up on the Navajo Reservation, most of their hardships stemmed from not owning a reliable vehicle,” Clawson said.

“We could not haul water, wood, buy food, or other necessities without a car,” she said. “We spent a lot of time hitchhiking when we didn’t have a car. We lived on welfare and food stamps and when that ran out [about the 10th of each month] we sold my mother’s handmade jewelry. It supplemented our meager income but we could not sell when we did not have a car.”

When asked as to why she was inspired to give a car away, Clawson said, “I realize I have a problem. I spend a lot of time online looking for deals for my family and friends on the reservation. I daydream of being able to help all of them. I cannot pass a car for sale on the side of the road without looking.”

Clawson has given a great deal to the elderly population of her community with firewood, water hauling and Christmas gifts. The firewood they have received has kept their homes warm during the winter. Clawson and her family have hauled water only a few times, but that still allows residents to take a sponge bath and clean up a little. The Christmas gifts bring smiles and warm hearts.

Clawson would like to thank all that want to help and have helped. If you would like to support the Navajo Nation please feel free to contact Liz Clawson at 851-0272.

Liz Clawson, left and Daniel Clyde volunteer to help people on the Navajo nation make ends meet. A reliable automobile is considered a necessity on the reservation, and so, the two friends are teaming up to giveaway a car.